• A Leading BDC

    In Ghana

Chase provides a range of petroleum storage services that enable our enviable clients to meet regular supply commitments and prevent any disruption in their daily operations.

Technical and operational capacity to segregate and load different grades of Gas Oil and Gasoline. We can receive and store specialized or differentiated products and deliver the same through our loading gantry for our clients.
The only depot with Flexible tankage system that could be converted from one product to the other without any contamination.
Proximity to the CBM. This eliminates the need for booster fees to discharge products into the depot thereby saving such a cost
Segregated tanks for specialized products
Quickest turnaround time
World-class technical and operational support
Easy loading and invoicing systems
Automation of loading systems
Reliability of service
Product quality procedures eliminating the risk of contamination.
Filtration systems for the cleanest fuels for mining and special machines/equipment use.
A spacious truck park and resting place for drivers fitted with decent washrooms, praying areas, entertainment system