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Chase Petroleum Limited sells to wholesale petroleum customers although it is expanding the scope of its operations. It provides petroleum products and services to government entities and agencies, corporate bodies and institutional customers. Chase Petroleum Ghana Limited is also actively involved in the provision of infrastructure and services to the oil industry in Ghana. In 2003, Trafigura Beheer B.V. the principal of Chase Petroleum, signed a Build Operate and Transfer agreement with the government of Ghana for the construction of a Single Point Mooring System (SPM) and a Conventional Buoy Mooring System (CBM).

The CBM/SPM facilities (completed in 2005) have improved the country’s capacity to receive imported crude oil and refined petroleum products within a maximum of 36 hours and thereby removed the demurrage charges and high freight costs associated with the old single oil jetty.

We invest in projects and infrastructure related to our core trading activities as well as the activities of our customers which will be key success drivers. Chase and its affiliates have invested in storage facilities for Diesel (70,000 cu.m) and Petrol gasoline (50,000cu.m), making 120,000 cu.m in total in Tema called the Tema Tank Farm (TTF) and Diesel (10,000 cu.m) in Takoradi under the JV company United Storage Company Limited.


Gasoline is the second product of the refinery process. It is a major source of fuel for automobiles. The Research Octane Number, (RON), is the major parameter that determines the ignition quality of gasoline. The import RON requirement for Ghana is a minimum of 93. In Ghana, Gasoline is dyed red to differentiate it from other fuels.

We distribute gasoline from the Tema Tank Farm, all BOST storage facilities and the Tema Oil Refinery.

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