• A Leading BDC

    In Ghana

Understanding our Background

Chase Petroleum Ghana Limited (“Chase”) was incorporated in 1999 and has grown to become a full-service petroleum and petroleum products service company with an average annual turnover more than USD 450 million.
Our workforce is an invaluable asset to the business; they have built and continue to maintain Chase’s reputation in the industry.

Chase Petroleum Ghana Limited, an oil trading and distribution company, engages in the transportation, storage, and distribution of petroleum products in Ghana and to some land-locked countries in West Africa. The company trades in gasoline, Gas Oil, crude oil, aviation turbine kerosene (ATK), light cycle oil, jet oil, and LPG. It also provides advisory and consultancy services to oil, gas, and energy companies.

Our approach to ensuring that we add value to every aspect of our customers’ businesses has necessitated our participation in different parts of the petroleum value chain and to date, we have been active in the areas of investments, transportation, storage and distribution.

Chase provides consultancy services primarily in the supply and offtake of crude oil and petroleum products. Chase provides advisory and consultancy services to oil refineries identifying area where additional investment could add value and improve efficiency.

Corporate Vision

Our vision is two-fold

To become the leading bulk distributor of petroleum products.

To invest significantly in petroleum infrastructure such as storage and pipeline and provide wholesale service in the petroleum sector.

We achieve this vision through regular dialogue which uniquely positions us to add significant value to the businesses of our customers. By understanding the drivers of the businesses of our customers, we can partner with our suppliers to deliver cost efficient solutions. We take a proactive stance on regulatory matters and invest in developing long term solutions where possible to improve the flow of petroleum products.

Business Philosophy

We contribute generously to the development of the communities in which we do business by supporting local charities, development programs and employing local talent.

Our Values

Our five core values reflect how we deal with our clients, shareholders and the communities we serve: